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At our core, we pride ourselves for our unique service offering.  We realize business is about getting things done - thereby avoiding "paralysis by analysis."  Although good decisions are based on thoughtful analysis and consultation, progress is only advanced when good ideas are put into action.  For this reason, our firm is focused on providing on-the-ground business support in the form of part-time CFO or Controller services.  Our CFO and Controller services are completely customized to your business needs.


Providing leadership, management, and hands-on expertise in the following financial areas.

Cash Management

·       Managing Creditor Relationships and Covenants

·       Obtaining Financing (Term Debt, Operating Lines, Leasing, Mortgages)

·       Managing Foreign Exchange Risk

·       Cash Flow Forecasting

Strategic Planning

·       Succession Planning and Implementation

·       Integration of Personal and Business Financial Planning

·       Corporate and Financial Strategic Planning

·       Business Reorganizations

·       Business Acquisitions

·       Balance Sheet Restructuring

Full Cycle Accounting

·       Transactional Accounting (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Depreciation, General Ledger, Revenue Recognition)

·       Balance Sheet Maintenance

·       Payroll and Government Remittances

·       GST / HST / and Various Provincial and State Remittances

·       Purchasing and Acquisition Requests

·       Inventory Controls (Work in Progress, Finished Goods, Cost of Goods Sold, Spare Parts Inventory, Property, Plant and Equipment)

·       Bank Reconciliations

·       Working Papers for Taxes and Audits

·       Developing and Implementing Processes and Controls

·       Budgeting – Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow

·       Internal and External Financial Reporting

Asset and Risk Management

·       Operational, Business, and Financial Risk Management

·       Capital Budgeting

·       Sustaining Capital Budgeting

·       Fleet Management

·       Asset Maintenance

·       Compliance (Financial, Environmental, Health and Safety)

·       Project Controls

Business and Market Intelligence

·       Financial Planning and Analysis

·       Internal and External Relationship Management

·       Enterprise Reporting and Information Systems





Removing Distractions

Success for most entrepreneurs evolves from an understanding of your business’ core strengths and maximizing them to their full potential.  As your company has grown, so have the “distractions” - diverting your focus from those activities that have made your company successful.  For many business owners, the responsibilities normally assumed by a CFO or Controller have become the “distractions.”  With the addition of a qualified accountant as part of your management team - you now have the comfort of knowing that a financial professional is managing, protecting, and constantly improving the financial side of your business.

Increased Focus on Your Business Strengths

With the addition of a CFO or Controller, you have more time to focus on new services, new products, new customers, and new locations.  You will also have a better understanding of the financial side of your business, leading to fewer surprises, improved quality and timeliness of financial information, resulting in more informed decision-making as your company grows. 

Succession Planning and Exit Strategy

For many business owners, succession planning and developing a flexible exit strategy is at the forefront of their current priorities.  With your own CFO or Controller, you have an in-house expert that can analyze various exit and succession strategies.  Additionally, a CFO or Controller can undertake the responsibility for the implementation of the strategy, including screening potential acquisitions, arranging financing, preparing your firm for sale, or assuming day-to-day responsibility for the organic growth of your business.  In short, a CFO or Controller not only acts as a sounding board to help you with those tough business decisions, but is also responsible for implementing your decision, thereby freeing you of many responsibilities, and allowing you to derive more personal benefits and satisfaction from your company.

Value Creation

As finance professionals, we understand your need to derive value from every employee including your CFO or Controller.  At a very minimum the addition of a CFO or Controller should be cost neutral.  To this end, in addition to the value created in the topics discussed earlier - Removing Distractions, Increased Focus on Your Business Strengths, and Succession Planning and Exit Strategy, other areas of opportunity for value creation include:

·       Training your existing staff in new processes and standards that align with core strategies and objectives.

·       Assessing the financial team and making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

·       Developing leaner financial and operational processes and eliminating activities resulting from rituals and not tied to achieving business needs.

·       Working with your existing tax advisors to develop tax minimization strategies.

·       Comprehensive focus on sustainable cash generation – and elimination of activities that impair cash flow.

Whether you are looking to grow your business, expand your customer base, reduce costs, implement succession plans, or become more financially stable, we are here to help you achieve your goals.  Through a collaborative process, we help design and implement an action plan to achieve operational and financial success.  We recognize that every business is unique, so before any strategies are developed and put into place, we want to understand your unique business along with all its nuances. 



Our Experience Helping Other Businesses


…We are entrepreneurially minded, people-oriented finance professionals, operating with a sense of urgency and a high level of professional integrity, in the achievement of operational and financial objectives…



Leadership, Management, General Administration

·       Proven leadership and management of a diverse group of professionals in the functional areas of - accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, purchasing, and payroll.

·       Engaged business owners, board of directors, and management teams to develop and implement short, medium, and long-term financial plans. 

·       Represented businesses in matters with financial institutions, auditors, government, consultants, and external accounting firms.

·       Managed operational and / or financial risks spanning various sectors including automotive, real estate development, agriculture, civil engineering, retail, restaurants and bars, forestry, mining and mineral processing, industrial construction and light manufacturing.

·       Completed, reviewed, and advised on wording of new and existing MSAs, SOWs, purchase and sale agreements, security registration documents, property leases, credit agreements, annual information circular, convertible debenture agreement.

·       Negotiated insurance rates after careful assessment of underlying business and financial risks.

·       Developed alignment and optimized financial and operational systems for future growth while ensuring operating plan was aligned with corporate strategy and targets.

·       Business partner to Boards of Directors, President, CEO, COO.

·       Analyzed organization operations, identified opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, and systems enhancement. Led cost cutting initiatives in all areas of operations and G&A.

·       Developed and presented new ideas and conceptualized new approaches and solutions -  including a new process for reporting and tracking of key operational and financial metrics. Used this information to update the business outlook and review with site management teams, senior executives and Boards of Directors.

Financial Administration

·       Accountable for creation and publication of audited financial statements (CDN GAAP - ASPE, US GAAP, IFRS).

·       Directed, managed and controlled – month end close (AP, AR, Payroll, accruals and estimates, revenue accruals, invoicing, inventory, balance sheet account reconciliation) across North and South America.  Experienced in a high-volume transactional environment.

·       Developed appropriate accounting and administrative policies and procedures that provide suitable controls of risk while providing flexibility for day to day staff functions. 

·       Managed all reporting and remittances including corporate and provincial taxes, GST / HST, provincial sales taxes, payroll deductions, EHT, T4 summary filing to CRA, and statistical reports. Managed payroll for over 1100 FTE.

·       Experienced designing pricing related processes and business models.

·       Completed annual operating budgets and forecasts in excess of $125M USD –with more than 2,500 FTE for a technology firm (Geographies covered include - Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Philippines, India, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Egypt).

·       Completed annual operating budgets in the range of $450M CAD based on first principles.

·       Prepared life-of-mine budget totaling $2.6B CAD with due diligence subsequently completed by financiers.

·       Monitored financial performance by measuring and analyzing results, provided interpretation and advice through an understanding of key drivers of the business, ensured benchmark and best practice information is incorporated into the advice provided to stakeholders, and initiated corrective actions, minimizing the impact of variances.

·       Annual budgets and forecasts created in collaboration with key stakeholders including Operations, Sales, HR, Facilities, Site Administration, Engineering, Environmental and Permitting, and Transportation (rail).

·       Managed relationship and prepared working-papers for – annual and quarterly external auditors, bank auditors, tax auditors, and auditors hired to complete due diligence during corporate acquisitions.

·       Managed treasury functions including monthly BA purchases. Developed daily, weekly, monthly cash flow forecasting models for purpose of banking covenant compliance for financially distressed companies. Maintained relationships with creditor community. Presented financing requests to financiers and senior lenders in excess of $200M CAD.

·       Prepared “Requests for Financing” reports for presentation to Banks’ internal Credit Adjudication. Financing reports included credit reviews, commercial mortgage requests, business acquisitions, LOC increases and capital asset acquisitions.





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